Clinical Research Job Competition amongst Friends

While working in a CRO company, there are a lot of opportunities and available positions and promotions but there is also a huge competition for that position. In a situation where two friends are competing with each other and applying for the same available position, one will be selected over other.

There are some ways to handle such situations when the competition is between friends as they should stay open and honest to each other. The second thing is to not to talk to each other about that position.

1.     Stay open and honest:

When the competition is between the friends and they are well aware of that position and its requirements, they should stay open and honest with each other and should happily accept the one who wins that position. This will also continue a good relation between them and they can be helpful for each other in future to help other at lower position in order to achieve his promotions and progressions.

They should talk to each other about the process to interview and apply for that position and admiring the capabilities, skills and background experiences of the other who successfully gets the position.


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