Clinical Research Job Search AFTER Gaining Experience


Job search get a lot easier after having just a little bit of experience. There can be a couple of reasons that can make it hard for people to get into the clinical industry. Most common reason is an improper resume that should be improved by making so many changes and adding keywords, highlighting them and adding position related information in the resume.

200 club:

When applying for the clinical research industry, make sure to submit over two hundred of application form that is named as two hundred club. This will result in getting five or six interview calls and you will be able to get your desired position.

Contractor’s opportunity:

Starting as a contractor at any CRO is a great opportunity that can give you the experience of the processes of clinical trials and research works in clinical industry that can be beneficial in future. After getting the job, first thing to do is to update resume with that job description and start applying for other jobs because that contract is for few months and your job is not guaranteed in that CRO.

Sponsors demand:

Having experience and putting that on resume can be helpful because that makes that recruiter call you and can suggest you positions because they are always interested in people with experience that is the demand of the CROs and sponsors. This experience opens many opportunities for you.


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