Clinical Research Jobs for Medical Doctors

There are certain jobs after doing a medical degree in clinical industry as explained below:

1.     Sub-investigator:

Person doing a medical degree can start his career in clinical industry by becoming a sub investigator that is a great way to get your foot in the industry. Sub inspector works beneath principle investigator who is responsible for the site and for conducting research and making sure the site is conducting the protocol accordingly. Sub investigators refer patients for the study to principle investigator. He is responsible for perform tasks as reviewing labs and to access clinical and non-clinical significance. If he’s a radiologist, his duty is to perform chest X-rays and other study related X-rays. Being a sub investigator and having all those experiences can help in future to become a principle investigator.

2.     Principle investigator:

This position requires experience but you can become a co-principle investigator to have that experience. PI is responsible for entire study and for delegating all the tasks.

3.     Medical science liason:

This position requires being a pharmacist and having qualifications as pharmaceutical doctor, medical doctor or a PHD. People in this position are responsible for:

·        Investigating publications and initiated researches.

·        Developing relationship with key opinion leaders.

·        Engaging scientific dialogues.

·        Delivering high quality presentations.


4.     Medical monitor:

Medical monitors are responsible for their sites, studies and patients they have and are working for different CROs, pharmaceutical company and sponsor. They are more familiar with the drug under study and its interactions with other compounds. They have to take study protocols under consideration and to find eligible patients for the study.

This position also requires to be a medical doctor and a PHD and to have experience of years. It requires to be acknowledged of pharmaceutical industry, drug development, clinical trials and analyzing and reviewing clinical data.


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