Clinical Research PTO Etiquette

In the language of workplace, PTO stands for paid time off. There are few reasons for people to take PTOs as given below:-

1.   When they want to for a vacation to travel somewhere and to spend some time away for their routine job.

2.   In case of any appointment with doctor, surgery or any kind of medical emergency can make it necessary to take PTO.

3.   There can be any sudden family event, incident or a death of any individual.

There are also etiquettes surrounding those PTO while working at any workplace especially in CRO industry. If the employees are working on clinical research study trials or working on a project which can last long enough for years can have specific etiquettes for taking PTO from other.

Talk to manager:-

Employees should talk to their managers for two weeks before taking the PTO if they are having any kind of emergency and appointment. This depends upon the level of respect and trust that enable you to get PTO and for how many days.

Companies do offer extra advantage of taking more PTOs for their best employees who have been working and performing well in the company for years. They can use these PTOs at any reasonable days of the year.

Etiquettes for taking PTOs:-

·        In case of etiquettes, people should not take PTOs within their project because it will delay the timelines for completing the project. Some of the allocated tasks will be difficult to be performed by the co-workers.

·        Employees should wait for taking their PTO during the deadlines of the project. When the company is having a hard time in getting the tasks done for a specific project can have bad impacts on their job.

·        Biggest disadvantage of taking PTOs come when it’s time for the promotions and bonuses. Companies do not prefer employees for the promotions who used to take many PTO during the year.

Employees should let their boss and colleagues know that they are taking PTOs for specific days. This will help them to schedule and better manage their work accordingly. This will make it simpler for both the colleagues to continue their work and for that employee to take PTOs.


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