Clinical Research Recruiters Try To Keep You in Your Own Lane

People should do certain things when jumping from one company to another and want to apply for another role but recruiters are offering the same role to them and to avoid this, there are some tips as follow:

  1. Pick call from every recruiter and be aware of the positions they are offering. There could be different position for every time they call you.
  2. Be honest with recruiters about your career goals.
  3. Keep in mind all the perks, benefits and salary package that recruiters are offering and make sure if they are in your favor.
  4. Be careful of the situations that a recruiter can put you in about the offerings. Confirm about those companies from their employees and question your hiring managers about your career progression and you can also ask someone from your network.
  5. Always sign up for the positions that are in your best interest.
  6. Recruiter can try to put you in the same position to get someone with more experience for their clients who prefer such experienced employees.



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