Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment and Its Future

In the present time, CROs and sponsors make a deal with the principle investigators and sub investigator who have a good experience of working with the hospitals and they have a good database of the recruited patients in the hospital and they can simply ask them to participate in the study. Patients are most likely to listen to their doctors. This can be beneficial for enrollment of patient in the study.


CRO and sponsor can advertise patient recruitment for their studies through banners, ads on internet and can also announce through radio and on TV and for this purpose they can contact the advertisement agencies. YouTube is the best platform to advertise anything that gets a lot of views and people do reach out.

Future of patient recruitment:

Future of patient recruitment is going to be through social media marketing on internet that can provide huge amount of data. All the big CROs are collecting data for recruiting patient that is the most vital part for running trials. In future CROs and sponsor are going to have their own patient recruitment departments for running and managing their own patient recruitment campaigns. They can hire a vendor to run their recruitment ads on social media that can be done in-house.

This patient recruitment campaign can also be run at site where they also have budget from the sponsor.

Target audience:

When running an ad on social media as Facebook you can target your desired audience for specific study. This also enables us to target the people of specific age limit because these social media platform has these particular features and we can also get to know about the people who have signed-in and are members of any health related association. This can help to reach patient for different studies.


There are sort of issue with television and radio advertisement where client has to buy an ad but they do not know about their listeners and are not able to target any specific audience of specific age because of lack of data that are easy to be done with other social media platforms. Due to these reason radio and televisions are not beneficial source of advertisement for the CRO industry.


Running a social media campaign is also very cost-effective that can be for five or ten dollars and sponsors are always ready to spend money for their studies. Digital media is the best way for the advertisement of patient recruitment.


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