CNNs Downsides of Working from Home

Number of people working from home is increasing and the managers also like in-house workers more than the people working from home. In-house worker do have more opportunities than the remote workers and they get other office benefits and promotions because manager can only refer those workers he know personally. On the contrary, some jobs do require a lot of travel and off desk roles.

How clinical industry works:

Being an employee at pharmaceutical companies and CROs, they have most of their employees working from another company and most of the research team members belong to different companies. They require to work according to the time schedule and mostly Skype, WebEx and phones are used for the meeting because of the global network and this not affects your status and job.

Opposing biasness:

Clinical research industry completely denies the perception that people working within the office can have more benefits than remote workers. If there is any biasness, employee can leave job and can jump for better opportunity that have no effect on your career. These also give you more experience and more career advancement can be achieved. New employees are not allowed to work from home but they can when they have that experience required to work remotely.


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