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Data is being collected and amassed at an unprecedented rate but less than one half of 1% of all that data is ever analyzed or used. Traditional analytic methods cannot give companies a holistic view of their customers. They need deeper visibility into their data and rapid insights. This will leverage standardized processes across their business to solve tough commercialization challenges.


Utilities of IQVIA’s analytics:-

IQVIA’s advanced commercial analytic solutions are designed to unlock the potential of data powered by machine learning. It allows its consumers in various ways as follows:-

·        To have 360-degree view of their customers.

·        Uncover insights invisible to their competitors.

·        Helps to transform their business strategies.

·        Improving their ROI.

·        Optimize their multi-channel approach.

·        Understand the effectiveness of their promotional strategy.

·        It defines the appropriate HCP channel and content preferences.

·        Run what-if scenarios to maximize impact and deploy the right quantity and sequence across promotional activities.

·        Understand their product use across indications.

·        To get insight into HCP prescribing behavior so that you can effectively segment your audience by indication and focus on driving sales.

·        It helps in building the right relationship to drive value from every HCP engagement.


Commercial analytics include long term behavior attitude, preference and demographic data to build a comprehensive view of individual HCP value. Knowing the biggest prescription drivers will help consumers to define the best strategy to reach their business objectives. IQVIA leverages AI and machine learning algorithms to power over 40 analytics base commercial solutions. Consumers of commercial analytics can unlock the potential of data and can go to market with precision, speed and scale.


Benefits of IQVIA’s AI and machine learning:-

It helps its consumer company in many specified ways as follows:-

1.   To precisely identify high impact drivers and predict event likelihood.

2.   Prepare proactive responses.

3.   With IQVIA’s AI and machine learning, Consumer Company can surpass traditional methods and can improve their prediction accuracy by 35%.

4.   They will be able to decrease their time to market, optimize in real-time and leapfrog their competition with commercial insights delivered in half the time.


Organizations can arm their growth drive, operational analytics and can make commercial effectiveness by tracking and optimization through IQVIA’s help. They can perform these activities with over 19,000 commercial services employees across over 100 countries.


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