CRA Dishes on Best Parts of Her Job

CRA position includes a lot of responsibilities and travelling and a lot of people want to be a CRA because there are many best parts of being a CRA and people love that but everything has its pros and cons. The best parts of being a CRA are given as:

•  Every day is a new day with a new routine and there are new challenges and new experiences.

•  CRAs have to manage supplies for the studies and managing subjects for the visits.

•  CRAs have to facilitate and accelerate the order of the studies.

•  CRAs make sure that all the protocols are under consideration that is required for the study and he is responsible for it.

•  They have to stay alert if there is any emergency room visit at site and whether it’s an adverse event or a serious adverse event.

•  CRAs also give training programs that includes the presentation of different treatments and projects.

•  CRA learns about drugs and how they work and they know more about health issues and diseases.

•  Best part of being a CRA is travelling and company is paying for every expense.

•  Travelling can be tiresome due to a lot of travelling, visits and for different projects that can overlap. Visits depend on projects and their        monitoring frequency.

•  CRAs can make changes in their visits for studies according to the tasks given by the company.

•  CRA can make their own schedule depending upon their visits.



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