CRA Tells the Truth about CRA Career Progression

•   People should start as a clinical trial assistant in clinical industry for progress in their career to become a CRA instead of starting as a project management side of things. Starting as a line manager is also helpful for progression but progression to CRA position depends on your managers and the company you are working for.

•   Being a CRA and travelling a lot can be difficult especially for a women having a family and it’s not possible for her to manage time for her family and for her domestic life and they should move on to another position but people in project management also don’t have enough benefits. Moving on to lead CRA is a good option.

•   Getting promotions is easy for CRA but the upper positions as senior CRA is tough and they have a lot of duties to perform but moving on to project management is difficult for a CRA.

•   CRA can get promotions to contract monitor for the studies and are paid well but it requires experience for more than five years. Contract monitors have a lot of benefits but also have to invest for those benefits and should have a proper knowledge of how it works. Contract monitors are paid for every hour they are working even when they are travelling from north to west or from countries to countries.

•   People who are able to speak multiple languages and also know about the local regulations of other countries also have a lot of opportunities in clinical industry and can get easy promotions.



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