CRA's Are Lacking In Critical Areas

IAOCR took an initiative to rate CRAs on the basis of their skills, capabilities and competency but the recruiters count them on the basis of experience they have and sponsor also allow CRAs to work on their studies when they have experience of years.

IAOCR found out that experience cannot be correlated with competency and people who are enough competent should be hired for the studies and trials instead of what experience they have.

Simulation assessment:

A company named as CRA Assessment runs a simulation to access the skills of CRA in monitoring. They conduct simulations from hundreds of CRAs from all over the world and they collect their data about their position of being senior CRA and junior CRAs and their experience. They conduct the monitoring notes, time for the simulation and monitoring them on eight different categories.

Results of simulation:

Depending upon the administered simulation assessment, they found out that their scores were average same regardless of their title and experience. On the other hand, they also found instability in the domains.

The most curious thing they found is that CRAs are underperforming in critical areas of clinical trial data quality and integrity and these performances should not be acceptable in pharmaceutical industry.

These simulations show that CRAs should be hired for the studies depending upon their competency and should be paid equally.

Competency matters:

First year or two are enough to learn about the studies and about the clinical industry and people having only one year of experience can also compete CRA with three year of experience because of all the basics and experience he gets from the studies, trials and monitoring data. People should have promotions depending upon their competency and their performances.



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