CRO oversight vs CRO governance in simple terms

CRO oversight:

It is much more specific and transactional approach as compared to CRO governance. It basically shows that how the vendor or CRO’s are performing specifically to that project or trial. It is used to keep an eye on daily activities and keeping in view what the CRO is doing, how do they complete their work and do they meet their particular targets? It is about observing over all projects and how do CRO’s work upon it.

CRO governance:

It is much more strategic than CRO oversight. At CRO Governance level you try to manage the relationship between sponsor and vendor and how the relationship is going to look like in present and future as well. It usually encompasses a larger organization. It is formed in a shape of committee that includes the people who have the authority of decision taking and who have larger impact in that relationship and projects. They do take into consideration the activities and working performances of CRO, instead they work to control the relations between sponsors and vendors over all.


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