Dealing With a Tragedy at Work in Clinical Research

In a daily life, people can be facing tragedies which can be any serious injury, an accident and death of loved ones. Everyone reacts differently and their ways to deal with situations vary from person to person while they are at work.

People have to take some decisions when they are going through any tragedy. These are given as below:

  1. Time off:

In case of any tragedy, people should take time off when it’s necessary because when they are not focused toward their work, it will influence their work performance in a very bad manner that will have bad effects on their team. They should take some space in order to overcome that tragedy otherwise they will lose their job.

  1. Let your boss know:

Letting your boss know about your life situations and tragedies is the best way to secure your job and he will offer you some space and time to recover and come up to those tragedies. Boss always know that an employee cannot perform well in bad situations and will get back to job with passion when given some time and flexibility.

  1. Take time to recover:

During the time off, focus on dealing with the situation and wait until the wounds heal completely and you are able to perform again at your work and with team.


  • People should let others know in their surroundings about the tragedies and situations they are going through as they will be given some space and time to recover. When working with a study team, team will also know that they have to cover some work on their own when you are on leave.
  • People get back to their work earlier because they know that working at office, with their team and interacting with their colleagues will help them to recover faster.

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