Destination Kochi - Join IQVIA

IQVIA provides best environment to the people associated with it as home, learning atmosphere, attractive work, family, vibrant office, wellness and full of many new and uprising opportunities.

IQVIA is a world of opportunity as people join it to give something back in return to their society in the form of healthcare instead of its global reputation. It provides opportunity for the people belongs to both medical and technology background and employees love to work in team environment of IQVIA.

IQVIA provides comprehensive training program called as bio-school within bio-stat team to the fresh candidates, who go through this training program for three and a half month.

IQVIA is setting AI and machine learning center of excellence that would help for new innovative solutions on propriety details leveraging machine learning, big data and technologies.

IQVIA give opportunity for new enthusiasm and people with hunger to learn. People with fresh ideas are passionate to join this healthcare industry that is locating its sub-branches at various parts of the world in different countries as it’s a global industry.

IQVIA organize various academic activities in order to raise awareness regarding to various diseases all over the world. These activities provide the best response of the people toward health.

This organization also keeps its staff healthy and for this purpose they propose weekend engagements to perform healthy activities and taking care of their health being in office.

IQVIA provides better work-life balance. So, the people can spend time with their families and to follow their passions that help to prevent all type of frustrations.

The locations of the IQVIA industries help their employees to explore their passions, nature and different cultures around the world.


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