DIA keynote speaker shares innovative approach to drug development research


 Driving Patient Empowerment

DIA keynote speaker shares innovative approach to drug development research

Described as the “Digital Age Leonardo da Vinci,” Alexander Tsiaras, the keynote speaker at the Drug Information Association (DIA) Global Annual Meeting in Chicago, explained how visualizing data and storytelling can drive patient engagement and improve health outcomes. “His visual storytelling is the perfect marriage of the NIH and Pixar,” said Richard Saul Wurman, founder of the TED Conferences.

According to Tsiaras, “In medicinal product and device development, personal health data and patient engagement are critical to the long term viability of research. If patients aren’t willing to participate in drug development research or share their data, the research model falls apart. Additionally, if patients aren’t engaged in participating and staying in clinical studies, then there are significant effects to patient recruitment, patient retention, and overall study success. It is stories that give a soul to our data."

After coming to this conclusion, Tsiaras developed StoryMD. Using a single dashboard, StoryMD collects, stores, organizes and interprets medical data, turning the statistics into the “Story of You” and empowering patients to drive insights into action. StoryMD is a platform/ecosystem that interprets the stories, explains each individual health status and facilitates every user’s ability to visually understand the story of the person’s body, while dynamically explaining, managing, tracking and planning his or her optimal well-being. In his talk, “Interactive Storytelling and Personal Health Data Drives Unprecedented Patient Empowerment,” on Monday, June 19, Tsiaras revealed the personal stories of diseases, the power of patient data and interactive experiences to drive greater patient engagement. He imparted stories of empowered patients and described how they, along with enlightened researchers, drove these insights into action.

 “Visualizing data and storytelling can drastically improve health outcomes,” Tsiaras said. “When these images are made relevant to personal health conditions, they become the story of patients and empower and inspire them to take control of their well-being.”

With the theme “Driving Insights to Action”, the DIA 2017 Global Annual Meeting attempts to bring about “the international exchange of actionable insights to improve health globally through the advancement of lifesaving medicines and technologies.” It gives everyone involved in the drug product development life cycle an opportunity to converse, debate and raise questions about the evolution of therapies, pharmaceutical research and development (R&D) and regulatory challenges to drive action throughout health care product development. The program includes themed tracks with scientific sessions focused on topics ranging from big data, medical affairs and clinical operations to patient engagement, clinical trial safety and value and access.

 “With the changes in governance around the world, the continuing economic uncertainties, the ever-increasing consumer involvement, the regulatory challenges, plus the continuing pressure for even higher quality and innovative products, the life sciences industry is facing myriad challenges,” said Barbara Lopez Kunz, global chief executive, DIA. “It’s important for all stakeholders in this arena to openly discuss these challenges, find ways to overcome them and take action to help move our ecosystem forward. Our global annual meeting provides the essential platform by which to do just that. Insights and outcomes garnered at this meeting will advance innovation to deliver safe, effective and accessible healthcare products to patients.”


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