Discover the benefits of IQVIA™ ePromo

Without the use of right tools content development in life science companies can be hindered by the poor collaboration across the following:-

1.   The review and approval process.

2.   High production costs.

3.   Gaps in compliance controls.

IQVIA ePromo:-

IQVIA ePromo is a content management solution that is purpose-built for life science. From creation, review and approval through to dissemination, re-use and expiration, ePromo helps the customer in various ways as follows:-

1.   To produce accurate compliant content.

2.   Accelerate review and approval time.

3.   Collaborate easily with colleagues.

4.   Track KPIs at a glance.

Functions of ePromo:-

EPromo has robust functionality as given below:-

·        It gives insights and identifies bottlenecks.

·        It helps in managing the workflow across the content lifecycle.

·        Find and reuse assets across the company.

·        Access a single view of most important information.

·        Tracking and compliance with access to robust audit trail.

·        Promote content reuse and track global adoption.

EPromo is a part of integrated suite of solutions from IQVIA technologies. It includes orchestrated customer engagement, master data management, org-manager and AE tracker. EPromo is intuitive, smart, connected and provides new options for content management in life science.


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