Do Not Disturb Status Could Be Hurting You - Clinical Trials Industry

Do not disturb is the key that most of the people use when they don’t want someone to text or to contact them especially while attending meetings and presenting their screens for presentations that is good. Using this key for couple of hours is fine but using it without any limitations and for months can be hurting them and their work in various ways:

Hurt career progressions:

When the people and your friends find an opportunity and are trying to recommend this opportunity to a most likely person but they are not able to reach out to you because you are on do not disturb mode and you will lose an opportunity that can be life changing. This weakens you network.

Hurting team work:

While working in a CRO space, people work in team on studies and there is a constant communication between them for any updates and documents. People who are constantly using do not disturb key are ignoring their study, work and team as their team is unable to reach them and unable to exchange information. This results in increase in their workload and will get bad reviews at the end of the studies.

Poor communication:

Most of the work in CRO industry is done remotely and the study teams are connected through emails, Skype and other communication platforms but using do not disturb key can result in poor communication between the team that can also delay the studies and can cause deviations as a result of poor communication that is very hurting for the sponsors.


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