Do People with Alzheimer's Know They Have Alzheimer's? Alzheimer's Talk Episode 2

Alzheimer’s is a type of mental disorder which is the loss of memory along with some other neurological functions. People with such disease are not able to recognize simple objects and are unable to differentiate between objects.

   Dementia is different from amnesia that is just the loss of memory.

People who are healthy and fully functioning folks start making imaginary thought as a defense for their memory loss when they notice a certain loss in their memory. They are at moderate level of Alzheimer’s.

Area of focus:

Main areas of focus are these amyloid plaques that abnormally develop during this Alzheimer’s disease within the brain and slow down the brain. These plaques form in the temporary sections of the brain and then increase with the passage of time and spoil the overall brain.

Scientists are trying to find ways and drugs to eliminate these plaques from the brain when they are formed or to prevent them before formation by the usage of some antibiotics and by stopping certain enzymes.


Theories are given as follows:

•    These plaques are due to environmental issues.

•    They develop due to some pesticides and metal.

•    These are present in genetics.


Working on?

Scientists are working on the behavioral changes in the Alzheimer’s patient. People with Alzheimer’s disease can develop psychosis and can have false beliefs. They can also hallucinate and most common are visual hallucinations.

Neurologists are working on cognitive aspects of Alzheimer’s disease that is memory loss

People in the initial stages of Alzheimer’s disease can be prevented to develop Alzheimer’s but in severe Alzheimer’s, it cannot be prevented because scientists are unable to find ways yet.

There are processes through which we can find out if a person is predisposed to Alzheimer’s but there are no specific markers to find that a person is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Patient is diagnosed by talking to them and according to their memory scores.

Cure of Alzheimer’s disease can be done by genetic editing and stem cells but it’s under progress.

Misconceptions about Alzheimer’s:

Alzheimer’s is not just memory loss, it involves loss of other functions and these patients also develop delusion, hallucinations and psychosis and people should be educated about this Alzheimer’s disease.

There are countries with less ratio of Alzheimer’s disease and studying their genetics, environment and nutrition can help to develop ways for the preventions of Alzheimer’s disease.

At the present time, staying healthy, keeping brain and muscle active, controlling diabetes, no smoking, eating healthy and keeping your memory good by talking to new people, these can be the prevention for Alzheimer’s disease.


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