Does Marriage Hurt Your Clinical Research Career?

Marriage has been an important issue of the employees while working in the clinical research industry. In the past, recruiters ask the applicants for their marital status as it was considered as the symbol of stability to ensure the longevity of the employee in their company.

There are main reasons that can be hurting or helping for CRO career in a marriage and these are given as below:

1.     Decrease ability to network:

Most of the married couples do not show any interest in attending the networking events. They do not go on company’s team dinners, Christmas parties and the reason behind this can be their children and other household responsibilities. They ignore networking that is most necessary to build their careers in CRO industry.

2.     Stressful relation:

People having stressful marriage or relationship always hurt their careers because they don’t have any peace of mind, they are not able to focus on their work and cannot participate with the best of their abilities with their team in a team work. This can hurt their career very badly.

3.     Therapeutic sharing:

Therapeutic sharing is the thing that is very helpful in a marriage where they have someone to share their problems and to talk about their work at office. Marriage is helpful because you have someone to raise your kids and on whom you can completely rely on when you are busy at you work and in attending important events and meetings.

4.     Travelling issues:

Married people do not want to work in a position that requires a lot of money where it provides a lot of perks and they also make a lot of money but it’s difficult for the married people because they have to give time to their family and their kids. In CRO industry, CRAs are the one who travel a lot and make huge amount of money but they also can’t afford it when they are married.

These are the things that can be hurting for the career of people but it’s also helpful in certain aspects of their life. When people are married, they have to take decisions that cannot be in the best interest of their career but enable them to fulfill their responsibilities and commitments.


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