Dr. Jeff Kingsley on IACT Health's go Beyond Profit Pledge - Columbus CEO

IACT Health took the go-beyond-profit pledge last year as they have always been the strong supporter of the community and wants to work further for the advancement and betterment of their community.

IACT Health made the agreement for couple of reasons as the support of the community outside of their business was doing a lot of things for their teams as well as for the business community. Through these initiatives they made struggles to enhance the knowledge of their team members of the community through things like leadership Columbus that goes a long way toward peeling back the curtain and allowing people to see how things actually happen.

They are building the leaders for their companies, for their community and are assure that this initiative helps their community in ancillary ways. It certainly builds employees retention, pride in the company and pride in community. People at IACT Health are the business owners in the community where they employ locally and pay taxes which benefit their local communities.

Helping the community in such manners is far better than just helping them in financial manners. Healthcare industry can advance their community by taking together initiatives but that advancement is not possible alone.


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