DrugDev's Quest To Make Clinical Research Easier and Make Money In The Process


When I sat down to interview Brett Kleger, Chief Commercial Officer and employee number 3 in the United States for the UK founded 2012 startup, one thing became apparent: DrugDev is playing chess while everyone is playing checkers. When I first interviewed founder Melissa Easy in 2012, it was already obvious to me that the venture backed DrugDev would eventually emerge from just providing investigator location and feasibility services to sponsors, to provide a plethora of tasks that drug companies need to outsource.  The free Investigator database which can still be accessed and utilized for free at DrugDev.org was simply a Trojan horse to properly position DrugDev right in the crosshairs of research site-cro-sponsor operational inefficiencies, and shrewdly begin to solve some of these operational problems.

According to Brett, Drug Dev's mission is to make life easier for the research sites, and they are open to any business models either by acquisition or by internal growth that help make this possible. The purpose of the interview was to introduce their new product DrugDev Spark which integrates all of the DrugDev services into one platform with one easy user login and one password.  You can watch the interview in its entirety here. 


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