DSCS announces “the most practical clinical research conference ever created”



DSCS Sweat Equity & Investments, LLC, has designed a value-added yearly conference for members of the clinical research community. The company describes it as “what a clinical research conference should be: site-centric, individually focused while catering towards experienced and novice clinical researchers alike, packed with practical and implementable strategies that are proven to produce results, and facilitating networking through arranged "speed dates" at set times.” The conference will be extended online to keep attendees connected with DSCS and each other and to provide “new insights into the industry as they occur in real time.”  

Established in 2013 by Dan Sfera and Chris Sauber -- who have owned and operated various clinical research centers since 2005 -- DSCS now has an extensive site network, business development and clinical operations consulting firm, a CRA and CRC training academy, as well as a newly formed CRO. The organization wants to bring researchers together every year to discuss actionable best practices, provide education, introduce them to key industry leaders, and help them achieve more.

On October 4 to 7, 2019, DSCS will launch CliniCon19 in Orlando, Florida. It promises to be “a yearly conference that would be different from the hundreds of other conferences that already exist.” 

According to Sfera and Sauber, “As two operators for over a decade in this industry, we have seen ‘traditional’ conferences attempt to provide solutions for researchers when it comes to sharing knowledge, best practices, networking, and real world practical education. The problem has always been the conference itself prioritizing monetization as opposed to no nonsense practicality and value add as a standalone product and brand.”

They added, “While we intend to create a self-sustaining and profitable conference, we are really creating the conference that we have always wished that we could attend regularly with a focus on delivering immediate return on investment to attendees, exhibitors and sponsors in the form of putting sites, vendors and sponsors together, while also hosting workshops that teach immediate implementable strategies for the various stakeholders.”

Anticipating around 300 attendees, they expect to feature a healthy mix of research sites, study coordinators, physicians, CROs, CRAs, Sponsors, industry vendors, industry thought leaders, and other research professionals.  As they explained, “The challenge in putting on this type of an event is in handling the logistics and packing in as much value as we can in the 4 days that we are there.  By partnering with one of the most reputable life science conference organizers in the world, we have that part covered.  We also are planning on making this the most high-tech conference ever created, with live streams, integrated social media content and hashtags, as well as creating content from the attendee and exhibitor interviews that our hosts will conduct and publish online.” 

To help fund the conference, go to https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2084466163/the-most-practical-clinical-research-conference-ev?ref=email.


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