Eliminate the Action Item Log Now - Clinical Research Industry

Eliminate the Action Item Log Now - Clinical Research Industry

Action item log is created during the meetings where the tasks are discussed and all the information is mentioned in the action item log that can be an excel spreadsheet including all the tasks and who on the team is responsible for the tasks and due dates for the tasks are also mentioned. These instructions are documented for the employees to work in a team atmosphere to remember their responsibilities.


Action item log is used instantly in clinical operations and in finance departments as compared to project management. It is not used more efficiently in project management in order to manage the project and study side of things where it’s not required.

Eliminate action item log:

Action item log should be eliminated due to some reasons as given below:

  1. Action item log is not being used as it is supposed to be used.
  2. It is sent to the team to follow it and provide updates but they don’t respond to it, provide no updates and don’t even look at it.
  3. One person is assigned to fill out the action item log by going from person to person in order to gather all the updates that take huge time.
  4. It is not needed because people already know about their responsibilities and the tasks they are assigned to and they do not need any action item log to review their duties.
  5. Action item log get very long for more than hundred lines and is very confusing.
  6. Reviewing action item log takes too much time in order to confirm about the tasks and progress.

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