EMIS App Library by AppScript Promo Video to UK General Practitioners (GPs)

Digital health apps demonstrate its ability to improve clinical and economic outcomes in hundreds of studies. It is estimated that digital health apps can reduce the healthcare expenditure by up to two billion pounds a year by helping to avoid preventable A&E visits and hospitalizations.


The EMIS app library is a tool designed to help GPS realize the value of digital health apps for their patients. Digital health apps are tools used by patients to support their health goals.


The best digital health apps that are proven to improve clinical outcomes in peer-reviewed clinical studies, GPS perform various activities as follows:-

·        It can identify apps that are safe and effective.

·        Integrate them into existing clinical workflows.

·        It can recognize apps which have been commissioned by the NHS.

·        The availability of apps to patients for free.



EMIS app library provides a list of high quality apps and the ability to electronically recommend apps to patients in a few clicks. Apps featured in the EMIS app library have been reviewed against criteria set and mostly have achieved listing on the NHS apps library.


Traditions can quickly identify the right apps for their patients and recommend them from within EMIS Web. Physicians can utilize this app library with a manner as follows:-

1.   By opening external views.

2.   Open EMIS app library.

3.   Recommend app.

After recommendation, patients receive a link to download their recommended app via text or email. GPS keep track of the apps that have been recommended and how patients are engaging. GPS can quickly and easily invite their patients to participate in clinical research studies.


EMIS app library helps to realize the value of digital health for patients.


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