Encuentra tu camino para triunfar como Monitor de Ensayos Clínicos en Latinoamérica

Why people join IQVIA?

People join IQVIA because it provides them with opportunities of training programs. People can participate in these programs whether they have any healthcare or clinical research experience or not. They invest in the people to help them become a healthcare professional in future who the better purpose of his life and for the community. People also achieve promotions and benefits from IQVIA.

What job people perform at IQVIA and what they feel about it?

People work in teams in clinical research and can be assigned to any task as they can be allocated to monitor clinical trials. In clinical trials monitoring, they ensure the performance of the sites and its progress in line according to the study protocols. They have duties for safeguarding the health of the patients.

Employees at IQVIA find their jobs very interesting and innovative because there is everything new every day that can be challenging and they always give their best. They learn creative ideas and solutions that also help them to get better with their roles. The purpose of all of their efforts is directly related to the care of the patients.

Why people recommend joining IQVIA?

People prefer and recommend other to join IQVIA because it provides them a very supportive environment as they work in teams. There are always people behind them and on their shoulders to provide them with support and help. They help their employees to become better both as human and professional. People also get reward depending upon their performance and hard work in such a positive working environment.


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