Entry Level CRA Salary Negotiations for Graduate Students

It’s a misconception that people having a PHD degree are not getting paid well according to the market just because they do not have any experience in clinical research industry  and they wants to go for salary negotiations but they do not know if they will be rejected in their interviews due to these negotiations.

People having PHDs but have no experience with clinical research industry and know nothing about CRA position means nothing to the recruiters. Degree is just a piece of paper to them, they want people with experience who know how to monitor and visit sites. Everyone has to start from bottom to get better understanding of how things work in clinical industry.

On the contrary, it’s a fact that some CROs hire people with lower salaries without keeping in mind the longevity of the employee due to which the turnover gets higher. There are many opportunity seeker in the market and money does not to them and they just wants to be a CRA. Go for negotiations but don’t make it a deal breaker to lose this opportunity.

There is also non-competitor who is more reasonable to CROs than a non-experienced PHD person, so get the required experience in a year or six months to overcome those non-competitors. Always talk about your experiences and research works you have done in any field.

There are other positions like medical monitors where PHD is helpful but starting from the bottom is the best option and after year or more you can jump and can make more money because only CRA positions are not well paid and people with just associate degrees are CRAs.



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