Every Future CRA Should Be a Study Coordinator First

It is necessary to work as a study coordinator before starting as a CRA because when CRA want to catch all the nuances that can occur at site and to understand all the struggle for patient recruitment, patient retention and patient engagement at site that can be the issues, it is necessary to monitor site where you deal with site matters and came to know all the perspectives and angles of the site and research industry that is most likely the job of a study coordinator.

Good start:

Starting as a study coordinator at site is a good start where you have to work with the patients and deal closely with all the research trials taking place on site. These are the things that CRA lacks but CRA works on the CRO side and learn about principle investigators, managing the site and fir running clinical trial works.

Study coordinator to CRA:

CROs also hire study coordinators to work on their research site so they can get a capable CRA in future for their industry because study coordinator deal with the entire site related operations and when he became CRA he know better in dealing with site and managing trials. CRAs and study coordinators can work together in dealing with site side of things and they can better understand each other work.

Higher position:

In order to get to the higher positions, it requires a lot of CRO experience, dealing with sponsor and coordinating experience of years to become a successful CRA. CROs and sponsors do require an experienced CRA for their studies because they are investing huge amount of money for their research studies and paying a good amount of money for this position.



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