Face to Face Workplace Etiquette - Clinical Trials Industry

People have always been interacting with other whether it’s in their family or in the society but every place has its own ethics. There are few things that should be kept in mind for face to face interaction with colleagues at workplace, as given below:-

1.   Smile:-

People should always have a smile and happiness on their faces while walking around the office. This will always have a good impression on the people in their surroundings and it’s helpful to interact with other. People like to talk and make a relation with those who always stay in a happy mood and keep a smile on their faces.

2.   Stay interactive:-

Staying interactive is the most valuable trait. It is beneficial in every environment and helps to develop a network that is very vital especially at workplace. For these reasons, people should try to interact with their colleagues by simply saying hello. They can get to know each other afterwards by giving their introduction and starting the conversation with normal manners about the work. These qualities help in networking and these networks can help in referring people for any better opportunity in the company.

3.   Everyone is not friend:-

‘While at workplace, people should be aware of their colleagues and everyone in the surroundings because everyone is not friendly. People at workplace are very conniving and always ready to play politics behind others back. People always use politics in order to get promotions at workplace and its necessary depending upon the situation to play politics. People should stay active and aware of their surroundings to avoid all the risks and hurdles in the career at workplace.

These are the things that should always be kept in mind to proceed at workplace and are the best etiquettes to operate at workplace.


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