Fake Interviews in Clinical Research

There are fake interviews most of the time in which the company call people for interviews for the higher position that can be a chief revenue officer position where the applicants have interviews with the CEOs and directors of the company. There are interview over interview.


The purpose of these fake interviews is to take advantage from the ideas of the applicants. In these fake interviews, company asks questions regarding to their company’s issues and steal the intellect and ideas of the people without having any ambition to hire him for the position they offered. The only purpose of these fake interviews is to steal people’s ideas for solving their own problems that a company is facing.

Instead of hiring a consultant for their company’s studies and for different strategies and paying him thousands of dollars, they took fake interview for collecting ideas that is a very cheap way and is beneficial.

Fake postings:

Companies post fake job opportunities for the position that is already filled by a candidate and interview people to gather more ideas for their company. They can interview two or many people without having any interest of hiring them.

Don’t give-up:

People should not give up applying for the jobs in clinical industry because of these fake job postings because they don’t even know if that is a fake job opportunity which can be a golden opportunity and a good start for them in clinical industry. Keep applying and apply for hundreds of positions that can help you to get desired position within industry.


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