Faster, More Efficient Development

IQVIA consider them fortunate as they hold a lot of data. They have access to proprietary data and EMR records as many other industries have in the market in the present era. They have huge investigator network that helps them with the platforms to make recruitments.

IQVIA use real data in their phase three studies for breast cancer for the particular indication and these are competitive in the market. The key to success in healthcare industry in the next years is speed to market. It is absolute that the companies have to bring safe products to the market and they are required to have an efficacious product but speed is the specific vital ingredient. This is because of the pressures by the payers or sponsors of the study.

Helping clients:-

Companies having much more efficient development process can leapfrog the competition. IQVIA is helping its customers who are running oncology studies for particular diseases by improving site selection process. This helps in finding the better suitable patients around those sites and focusing on the resources. It enables them to ensure that the site has started operating and patients are recruited earlier.

Optimization model:-

IQVIA introduced this optimization model in the industry that can help to shave off seven months from the development process. These seven months can make a huge difference in performance and to reach the market on first place. Companies who reach first to market in specialist or rare disease indication can have the fifty percent share of the market by the end of five years.


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