Favorite Entry Level Clinical Research Job

People who want to start their career in clinical research industry without having any experience can start from entry level positions. These entry-level positions can be CTA, study coordinator, project assistant, CMA and many more. It depends upon the goals, passions and skills that the applicant can implement in clinical research.

In-house CRA:-

In-house CRA is the best and favorite entry level position in clinical research industry. There are few reasons as given below:-

1.   In-house CRA is not an entry level job but companies are letting the new employees to take over its responsibilities.

2.   It helps to learn risk based monitoring and remote monitoring.

3.   This position does not require much experience.

4.   This position is mostly covered by the people who are tired of being CRA for years of travelling and zero work-life balance.

5.   In-house CRA position gets promotions toward senior in-house CRA.

6.   In-house CRA performs all the monitoring tasks of CRA but remotely from office.

In-house CRA is an entry level position:-

In the past, companies require people with experience to perform in-house tasks but they realize that these can be performed by someone having less experience. They merge in one of the entry-level positions. I such situations, CRAs are moving toward project managers, clinical trial leads and other remote position to work remotely from office when they are tired of traveling.


Easy transition:-

Being an entry level in-house CRA provides the best opportunity to become CRA after getting experience of few years. This is because they know most of the monitoring tasks, document collection but the difference is only that they are doing in remotely.


·        In-house CRAs are not responsible for administrative tasks, for taking meeting minutes, creating TMF and for putting documents is TMF.

·        They are paid well whether it’s an entry level role.

·        They are also able to interact with sites, building reports with sites and building relationship with sites that is also necessary by the sponsors and CROs.

·        This job can also be done remotely from home depending upon the company’s culture.

Being an entry level position, it helps to understand protocols and how research works in clinical research industry.


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