Fitness for Newbies


Everyone has to start at some point. New found determination to excel the condition of your body is necessary for the betterment of the ways a person treats themselves. A general perception regarding fitness is that it is just to be linked with the athletic terms whereas it is not necessary at all. Fitness of your body helps you in performing your day to day tasks easily while keeping your health in check. Some functional exercises are figured out by experts that need to be a part of everyone’s routine workout sessions either at a proper gym or in your lounge at your home. Functional exercises are the ones that are basic in nature and trigger the muscles that need to be highly efficient for the best performance of the body. By increasing the ability of the body to maintain balance and for its parts to coordinate well with each other, functional fitness exercises prepare every individual for daily life in general. Improvement in abilities like strength and flexibility are the basic focus of these regular exercises and therefore, these light workouts are suggested to people who are standing on either level of fitness.


Starting with this most simple yet the most important one, you can kick off your workout in a healthy manner. Increasing the range your body can rotate around its axis is vital for maintain the original posture. A medicine ball or a weight that is not too heavy for you can be used in this exercise. Stand straight with good alignment and hold your arms out. Rotate your arms from one side to another as much as your body allows.  There is no need to overdo or stress your muscles as it can result in hurting your body than relaxing it.


Planting your hands firmly on the ground and trying to lift yourself up can sound like an easy task to do but it is not at the start. After some practice and figuring out the correct way your body responds to the stretch, you can excel this session. The main key here is to keep your back straight, head and neck aligned, and applying the right amount of pressure. Start slowly at first with little sets then kick it up a notch with each passing day.

Farmers walk

Increasing the strength of your arms one day at a time, farmers walk is an easy and practical way to be adopted. Holding a reasonable weight in your hands with drawn back shoulders, tight core, elevated chest, and head up is the normal way to do this walk. The main thing to focus is taking short and quick steps at start and elevating it with more practice.

Jump squat

Firing up the ability of the muscles to resist pressure, jump squats are a perfect addition to the list. Sit in the mid-air with stretched out knees and kicked back hips while swinging your arms in the front. Maintain this posture for a little while and then jump as high as you can only to return back in the same posture. The noticeable thing here is to land softly on your feet to avoid ankle twists or knee injuries.


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