Flexible Work Schedule in Clinical Research Industry

Hourly time schedule for the offices is eight hours a day from nine am to five pm that is fixed by the companies and employees have strict orders to follow these schedules because there can be morning meetings with the clients that are necessary to be attended personally. But in some companies they provide flexible time scheduling where the employees can manage their eight hour throughout the day. They can come to office earlier or a bit late but they have to complete their working hours.


Instead of strict time scheduling when there are no morning meetings, people are given flexibility and they can schedule their timing according to their domestic issue such as when they are having appointment with the doctor at 8am, they can come to office after attending their doctor and can leave accordingly after completing their working hours. Flexible time scheduling is to create a work-life balance where the employees are allowed deal with others aspects of their life.

Flexibility in CRO space:

When working in a CRO space that is a global industry, employees are more flexible because their managers are not in their offices and they can work remotely from home. Because in CRO space, manager and study team can be from abroad, from any other country and from any other time zone and they only care about their work to be done properly.

Working under the shadow of the executive team and without any executive team to look upon their employees is way different from each other. Both will have their own different culture and flexibility criterias.


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