From care pathway through to patient reported insights

Healthcare teams look after the patient data capture platform and focus on payer provider and also on pharmaceutical clients.


One of the key challenges that healthcare team face while talking to their pharmaceutical clients and NHS clients is that they don't have a clear picture of how their services will be delivered from the NHS side and from the pharmaceutical side and how patients will interact with these care services. They also have a lot of capabilities as access to very granular data and activity data but with some missing component as well and the key element of all these information is to how to provide those services on the front line of healthcare.

Data collection:-

Healthcare teams have a huge amount of information about paste and general from Hesse. They also collect the data about the patients through the healthcare optimization benchmarking tool. They have information about the patient that is directly from the patient knowing each and everything about them and their conditions. They know about patient’s experience with the treatment, within pathway, with hospital providers, things that dropped them from the pharmaceutical client, about their outcome and the difference in health state that physician measure based on their patient’s feedback over a period of time in terms of health state.

Patient engagement:-

Healthcare has developed a patient portal that allows their patients to login where they can see instruments and survey they have to complete. They can find information about their conditions and the information directly on their responders.  This platform allows the healthcare team to have the insight, solution and it allows them to see whether the patients have completed their trials and if not, they try to reach out to them using a telephone call or a nurse. Their main goal is to stay engaged with their patients.


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