Get More Insight, Action and Value from Your ATU

Healthcare organizations require more than data to succeed in complex market as integrated insights.

Market research capability:

IQVIA has built next generation market research capability by connecting primary research methods to the IQVIA Core through investment and acquisition that helps to provide novel and integrated visibility into the diverse forces driving today’s complex market. Advances in data sciences are making the traditional survey only based ATU obsolete.

Innovative integrated ATU:

IQVIA’s innovative integrated ATU goes further to provide a more complete understanding of awareness, trials and usage by combining the depth and precision of primary data with the large scale market outcomes included in the secondary data assets of IQVIA Core.

Help navigate:

Primary intelligences, integrated research solutions drive more insights, action and values from ATU’s designed to help companies navigate the complexity of specialty markets.

IQVIA is already helping their clients to go beyond physician’s perception to identify the actions needed to overcome access challenges.


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