Growth of healthcare data

In the present world, the amount of data is mind-blowing. Healthcare data is six percent of the global demand for data storage that is very huge. This can be assumed as if this data is required to be placed in iPads, the volume of iPads would stretch from floor to half-way to moon. This will become a hundred and twenty thousand miles of iPads.

This healthcare data is growing at double the rate of other data. People are giving exceptional presentations for the healthcare data and are discussing the cure. Healthcare industry should look outside toward innovation as they have structured data. IQVIA is well aware of all of these situations as they have been in data business since 1955.

Healthcare systems are totally different and unstructured in every country and they have specific ways of getting access to information and data.

Healthcare industry has huge technical capabilities of doing great things for the patients. Professionals should not underestimate the complexity of data that they are aiming to reach and the privacy concerns. There should be an open and frank public debate with patients about the value of data sharing versus the risk of privacy.

IQVIA has its future strategies for making jigsaws of data. Genomic data is hugely powerful on its own. There is so much that can be done with genomic data in term of biomarkers and can be utilized in term of wearables and electronic medical records.


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