Happy Holidays from IQVIA

In the recent year IQVIA made huge successes for the development and advancement of science and technology. Some of these successes are shared as below:-

1.      Bionic eyes restore the miracle of sight and have high hopes for those with retinitis pigmentosa.

2.      Genetic engineering enables landmark cancer therapy. Where human made genes were inserted into leukemia patient’s owning T-cells.

3.      CFDNA revolutionized parental testing for the rapid growth of non-invasive parental testing market.

4.      FDA approves genetic biomarker cancer treatment that is the first therapy based on genetic feature, rather than tumor location.

5.      Virtual reality therapies in order to treat PTSD, drug addiction and many other disorders.

IQVIA is passionate toward more progresses and developments in the field of healthcare for the better quality of life of the mankind.


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