Help! I am Grossly Underpaid As a Study Coordinator


When a study coordinator is underpaid but he is the only one working on the site and supporting all of the site works and tasks, he can use it as leverage because the whole study will stop if he left the job and no one is interested in doing that job because they are responsible for so many tasks. His manager can argue for his salary depending upon his worth that can help to raise his salary but it can also take a year.


Manager of the study coordinator should have justifications to talk to his director for his behalf for salary raises. Manager can talk about his efforts for managing sites, recruitment of patients, following protocols efficiently but the best is patient recruitment because patient recruitment worth a lot for the study.

Perfect time:

In order to get the perfect salary raise according to the worth of our job, best idea is to change companies and jobs because two to three years is the perfect time to stay in same economic climate.

Take leverage:

Your job in a company is never permanent and every time you have to fight for your raises. Best thing is to take leverage and use mobility and apply for another job where they can offer you more money depending upon your experience and capabilities and applying to another company is the best time to negotiate your salary. This salary package can also be used as leverage by telling the recent company that if they can match it to make you stay in the company.

Keep moving:

Spend maximum two years in the company for the same job and then keep moving whether within the company to different departments and you should also apply to another company and struggle for higher positions as CRA. Keep moving into the CRO market also introduce you to your worth.


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