Help Improve Human Health as a Clinical Research Associate at IQVIA

The role of CRA at IQVIA is to monitor clinical trial data and reviewing patient’s data. He ensures that the patients are being enrolled and their safety and integrity are not compromised. He works as a bridge of communication and coordination between the sites and sponsors. These sites are generally the hospitals where these monitors go and interact with patients and hospital staff.

CRAs play a vital role in establishing the data to make sure that the patient’s outcomes are met at each clinical trial. It drives toward critical thinking and helps in analyzing data on a 360 degree perspective. Main area of focus is patient’s safety.

Working at IQVIA is very exciting and monitoring helps the CRAs to think from the patient’s perspective. CRAs need to be proactive in case of deliverables and confident enough to face qualified medical professionals. They have enough motivation to represent their organization during travel and in all the scenarios.


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