Hourly vs. Salary Paycheck in Clinical Research

Hourly paycheck:

In hourly paychecks, you are paid for the number of hours you work and it is very beneficial because working with sponsors having many expectations, can take more hours than normal days and you are paid for those. Hourly paycheck can make more money by working on different studies and at different studies by working for more hours and you have more control over the situations. You are getting paid when you are travelling and you can also work on weekends.

There is also a disadvantage that when companies do not have much studies to run and hourly paycheck person cannot make enough money because there is no work to do.

Salary paycheck:

Person on salary paycheck is paid only for forty hours whether studies are taking more time than that and have no profit for extra time. His all the extra efforts by working for extra hours are going to waste but are beneficial only for the company.

There are times when companies don’t have many studies and you don’t have much work to do but you get fully paid as working for forty hours that is the major benefit. Chances for promotion to the higher positions are more for the person on salary basis.


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