How critical is the rep to orchestration?

The role of the rep is critical as the healthcare industry and specialists knew that the access to physicians in terms of engagement is declining over time. Due to these very reasons, many companies have started to explore the use of digital channels. These digital channels can be used to enhance the reach and frequency to engage with healthcare professionals.

Ability of rep:

Digital means also lack at some points as they are not yet able to provide context that is intangible of reading the room and having this type of analog relationship between the person and the other person in front of them on a digital medium. Here comes the ability of rep to connect individually with customers and to capture the context and provide the information about the context to all the other channels in order to improve the communication.

Skills of rep:

Now it’s up to reps to utilize the moment in a well manner, when they are in medical professional’s office having contact and exchange of words with them. At this moment, healthcare solution comes in that allows to orchestrate and run digital channels as well as it allows the rep to distill all the insights and combining them with his intuitive relationship skills and then tailor his interaction to the physicians in front of him. This critical moment allows truly bringing together the best of both worlds.


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