How I Keep Track of Expenses While Traveling - Clinical Research

There are companies as in clinical research industry where they pay for the all the expenses of their employees at specific positions such as for CRA position especially when they are on duty or travelling for the business meetings. Those employees should keep track of their expenses and should keep them separate from their personal expenses.

Business cards for tracking expenses:-

In order to keep track of expenses, people should use their business cards from their areas of employment to put all the transactions there despite of using personal card for business related works. They can also make later reimbursements from the company by making transactions from the personal cards but keeping the expenses separate by using two different cards is the better way for tracking.


Employees should keep the receipts of their expenses to make the expense report at the end of the month. This will help them to get reimbursements from their company but they should keep in mind their company’s policy and the type of receipt their company accept as most of the companies accept itemized receipts but general receipts can also be valid.

These receipts are necessary to be kept safe because people can find difficulty to receive reimbursements from their company in case they lost their receipts.


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