How Long Did It Take You to Become a CRA

When a CRO is trying to launch their own research study, their main goal is to find an experienced CRA to look after their study, who can handle sites by visiting them thoroughly and is located nearby to the CRO.

Golden opportunity:

This can be a golden opportunity for an employee who has already been working for the CRO as a study coordinator and have an experience of year for managing studies, sites and documents but only if the CRO is not able to find a CRA for their sites. CRO can appoint that study coordinator to work as a CRA for their studies. A year of experience for working as a study coordinator is beneficial for him to operate sites as a CRA and he also has to take training and readings for couple of months before starting as a CRA.

Perks of smaller CROs:

Working for the smaller CROs provides a lot of perks because they provide a lot of opportunities and allow their employees to perform a lot of tasks that are beneficial to have multiple experiences.

On the contrary, bigger CROs give job security but they only allow their employees to perform one task and have less position progressions.

Managing time and position:

A CRA has to travel a lot that can be through flights and can utilize that travel time for professional development by learning things and topics. He is responsible for visiting sites and can be assigned to multiple studies at one time.

In order to manage two positions at one time as CRA and study manager, he require people as backup which can help him to divide work and lessen the workload.



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