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Social media has become the part of our daily life and it can play both positive and negative roles impacting the lives of the users depending upon its usage. It can work as a waste of time, for spreading hate and can be utilized to bully someone but on the contrary, it works as a motivation, enhances knowledge and help people to remain inter-linked with each other without any boundaries around every corner of the earth.

Social media can stifle the career growth of the people with improper usage of it. The activities that can stifle career are discussed as below:-

1.   Offensive post:

There are some improper uses of social media which should be prevented because they can have bad impacts on the reputation and career of a person. These activities that should not be done on social media involve racist comments, harassing people and making posts relevant to harassment.

These activities can cost a person to lose his job because these social media posts and activities are public which can somehow come across the colleagues at their workplace and can hurt them personally that will hurt you back.

2.   Fomo/Showing off:

People should avoid most of the things they watch on social media as on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube because they cannot afford those things as travelling to different places all the time, spending huge amount of money and eating different types of foods. These things can only be done by the people who are pursuing them professionally because they get paid for it.

People working in corporate environment can ruin their career by thinking and trying to copy those activities because they have to fulfill the expenses within their budgets and responsibilities of their domestic life.

3.   Self-esteem/confidence:

People lose their self-esteem and confidence by watching the post, pictures and experiences of the random people on social media that they cannot afford those things. They do not realize that those travellers are just posting their images and videos from the vacation they had for just a week and sharing their experience for the rest of year.

Social media do have an effect on people’s self-esteem and confidence that also keep them low and lazy all the time even in their offices at work affecting their career for all the time.

These are the things that people should avoid from impacting their career growth and should think of them with different perspectives as these things on social media are not possible for every normal person.


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