How Study Coordinators Can Break Into A CRO

Working in any CRO gives a lot of opportunities and advantages and a study coordinator can apply for CRA, CMA, and In-House CRA and for project management positions to move into CRO from site.

In-House CRA:

Study coordinators can start in CRO as an in-house CRA and CRA because it’s easy to apply and get selected for the study coordinator as in-house CRA but in order to become a CRA at any company, employees have to go through the training program and then he can perform as a CRA on any study.

Training programs:

Many CROs and sponsors give training programs in order to develop and train clinical research associates (CRA) for the CRO space and they requires study coordinators having two years of experience. These training programs are the best opportunities for the study coordinators to get into CRO and to become CRA.

Pursue your goals:

After being a CRA for a short period of time, you can pursue you career goals where you can become regulatory data management officer, advertising business development.

In-House CRA positions in job market:

There are going to be more positions for in-house CRAs in CRO job market because in-house CRAs are always available to respond to sites and to CROs in order to ask queries and to confirm protocols. CRAs are not available to respond to company because they are always busy in travelling, monitoring and in visiting site. CRAs are paid more as compared to in-house CRAs but they are required to be more experienced.


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