How to Ask For Lunch or Coffee with a Key Stakeholder

There are key stakeholders in every company and asking them for a cup of coffee can give you a huge opportunity and career progressions in future. There are some worthy ways to agree them for coffee and these ways are given as below:

Provide them value:

You can provide people an emotional value while asking them for lunch or a cup of coffee and they will say yes especially when they are friends with you. But when you don’t know them, first introduce yourself to them and become friends with them and always greet them whenever they pass by your office and then ask them for a lunch and coffee.

Provide information:

When people are in power and they are easily able to reach information and data, they should provide information to the people they wants to become friend with and they will also help you in return with your needs. This will be beneficial to develop a friendship relation.

These strategies are also helpful in clinical research industry as an employee in data management can help project manager to get required information and he will also help him back in return.

Recruiters on website:

When you meet someone on a recruiting site as on LinkedIn and ask him for a phone call for few minutes where you can ask for his consultancy and what are the possibilities to get into the clinical research industry and he will manage time for those phone calls anywhere at any time. This will make a better understanding between the two and you can ask him for a lunch and to hangout.

Provide upfront value:

Provide people by the upfront value by offering anything you have. You can offer them any guidance, mentor and can work for them for free that will make it comfortable for them to meet you and have a lunch with you.

  • People provide value to their colleagues in order to develop a bond and network with them that can help them in their future for getting promotions and benefits. They can also be utilized as referrals for getting any opportunity.



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