How to Become A CRA? - Subscriber Submitted Questions

People should apply for entry level CRA training programs especially when they have a little experience of clinical industry and they want to become CRA. Companies offer these training programs for study coordinators and sometimes for fresh graduates. Companies train study coordinator to develop best CRA because they are well knowledgeable regarding to the sites, trials and documents.


In order to become a CRA, best way is to get experience of two years that is the demand of CROs and sponsors. Sponsors want experienced CRAs on their studies because they are investing huge money for their studies and are paying them well. Study coordinating experience of two year is beneficial to apply for in-house CRAs that can further lead to remote CRA position.


There are certifications as CCRP, CCRA and ACRP that are well recognized in order to apply for higher positions in clinical research industry but they are difficult to qualify without having experience of CRO industry. These are helpful when you are already working at a CRO and capable of implementing those instructions in the research work. These certifications are also beneficial in term of salary boosts. Recruiters also prefer experience over certifications.

Preferences for CRAs:

1.     Recruiters prefer people for the CRA position who are willing to travel for seventy percent of their job timing and are committed for a long term job.

2.     Research related experiences especially study coordinator experience is the perfect fit for the CRA position.

When applying for a CRA position make sure to apply for more than enough positions because of huge competition. This can help to get a position in any desired CRO.


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