How to Better Manage Clinical Study Budgets

Today, we are guiding some suggestion for you to manage your clinical study budget. It helps in generating revenue plus efficiently utilizing the budget.

1.    Investigator fees:

Paying for investigator may go higher than planned. To save from such inconvenience get breakdown types of investigators site. Whether they are academic or non-academic. You will probably find 80% educational sites with higher fees and 20% non-academic sites with much lower prices as compared to academic sites.


The other factor that you need to concentrate while fixing your investigator fees budget is to get a reasonable estimate for your high-cost variables. It may include services like MRI, CT scan, patients Overnight Stay patient travel. We do not count such things in our budget estimation, but they are done sometimes during or after negotiating. CRO costs

While working, you often hear “who bring this change?” or “who is passing out these new orders?”  One thing we must suggest for this purpose is to prepare your proposal for change in a format that appeals your CEO and they think before making a change in any site. You can adjust your RFP or request in any form, you can use a template as well. 


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