How to Break Into Clinical Research Industry in Canada


When emigrating from one country to another, find a place where the CROs and pharmaceutical companies are based. This can be helpful to find more opportunities and to get into the clinical research industry.


  • Study coordinator is the best entry level position and a healthy initiative that helps to build a strong foundation. He cannot work remotely but have many responsibilities within the office. This position gives the best experience that is the only requirement of the clinical industry and is beneficial for the career progressions. Having experience of months provides basics of the clinical research industry and after investing two years recruiters start reaching you and people can earn a lot of money and can have a healthy career.
  • Look for the contract position where you get hired for few months but project managers can hire you after getting impressed if you are passionate and capable.
  • Internships and training programs are best to get experience of the clinical research industry. Many companies, pharmaceuticals, institutes and hospitals provide internship and training programs that are very helpful.



Search for every CRO, pharmaceutical industry and sites in your area on internet and you can also reach recruiter on their company websites. This will introduce you to every single opportunity available at any company.



Talk to people especially who are already an employee at any CRO and ask for their opinions to get into the clinical research industry and develop a network with them. Network is very beneficial and gives you access to many opportunities.



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