How to Create an Action Item Log

·        Open an excel sheet.

·        Choose required number of rows and columns.

·        In the first row put the headers as action, responsible person, target completion date, completion date, comments and meeting.

·        Always put the date so there will be no change and any confusion about when the event took place.

·        Now add the suitable data under their topic headers in the second row.

·        The required work is to be mentioned under action section in second row.

·        In third row under action section information of the work done is mentioned.

·        There is a comment section where it is required to put the reason if the target is not achieved at required date and time.

·        Type of meeting is to be mentioned that what type of meeting it was, in the box under meeting header.

·        Fill all the information according to their relevant topic below the headers.

When there are other meetings in the next week just put the information under relevant headers and keep adding to it. When the project is done, you can replace or delete the sheet.


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